Our delivery point


If you would prefer to drop your items off in person at the Hattons Hub which is in Widnes, Cheshire then we would welcome you to do so.

Arrange with our team when you will bring your items to us and then you can follow the steps below to complete your Contactless Drop-Off.


1- Park in the Bay

Park in Bay number 4 - this is our designated drop-off point.
We are located in Widnes, near to Liverpool and the M62 & M56 motorways.
Contactless Drop-Off is available 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Sunday


2 - Drop-Off Your Items

Leave your parcels on the table in our Drop off hut, near to the warehouse shutter doors and ring the bell.
Please ensure that the boxes are clearly labelled with your reference number.
There is no need for you to wait or contact a staff member.

3 - Hand Sanitiser

For the safety of you and our staff, hand sanitiser has been provided.

4 - Items Collected

One of our trained staff members will come out and collect your items to begin the trade-in process. 

5 - Trade-In Complete

Once your collection has been processed, our team will contact you via phone or email with an offer. This will then conclude your trade-in.

Start Your Trade-In