Unboxed items

We are able to make offers on unboxed items, it helps if you can give us as much information about the item as possible. 

This will mean our team are still able to offer you a fair value for the item despite the lack of a box.

For track, we will only be able to offer a trade-in on currently produced, boxed items. For all other track, we will accept it as part of a collection but will not be able to make an offer on it.
Electrical items can be sold to us but only if they are boxed. Unboxed electrical items such as controllers, point motors, switches etc cannot be bought due to the regulations on selling used electrical items.
Many model railway collections we buy have a number of items which are relatively/proportionately low value, but often perceived "too good to throw away" ie unboxed track, ballast, lineside fencing, lichen. These don't command a high resale price, and we often donate this kind of item to local schools and charities. We understand that sellers would often prefer to deal with just one buyer, and send their whole collection, this is why we will gladly receive them as part of your full collection.