Unlisted Deal Pickups


Listing items can be very daunting, especially when the items are not your own collection or there are a large number of them, so we offer a service in which we will do all of the listing for you.

For collections with a retail value over £2000 ($2500) or 400 items we can collect the items and one of our experienced experts will list and value the items. As this will usually take a long time, valuations may be slightly lower than if you had listed it yourself, but we will always contact you with the offer before we go ahead with any deals and we pride ourselves in paying the best market rate for the collections we buy-in.

To request this service, please provide us with photographs and a general idea of the type and age of the items to help us understand the collection as well as information about its location, so we can arrange for a courier to collect. We have a guide for how to pack items here or, if you are unable to package the items up, we are able to arrange for the items to be safely packed prior to collection - please let us know if this may be necessary.

The itemisation usually takes between 7 and 21 days, depending on the size of the collection, but we will advise the expected time when we know how much is in it. Payment is usually made by bank transfer on the same day the offer is made.


How it Works

1) Provide a description of your collection 2) Pack up your items for collection 3) We receive, list and review your items 4) We make an offer
Please include photographs, if possible, and the location of your items. If you're unable to package them safely, we can arrange for this. This usually takes between 7 and 21 days depending on the collection size. Payment is usually made by bank transfer on the day the offer is made.