A Guide to identifying your item's scale

Identifying what scale an item is

Model Railway Scales


If you are selling an item that you cannot find in our databse, we would appreciate as much information as possible about it, including what scale it is.


This information can usually be found on the model's box, but if it is not there, or the model does not have a box, then the best way to tell is to measure the gauge (the width between the model's wheels)



Scale Ratio Gauge

N Gauge

1:143 9mm (0.35in)

HO Gauge

1:87 16.5mm (0.65in)

OO Gauge

1:76 16.5mm (0.65in)

O Gauge

1:43.5 32mm (1.26in)

G Scale

1:22.5 45mm (1.77 in)




   A Guide to measuring model  gauges



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